Pre Congress Workshop

HETI 2018 One Day Pre- Congress Course at Festina Lente

Monday 25th June 2018

Immerse yourself in the World of Equine Assisted Learning, Psychoeducational and Recreational Vaulting and Equine Back Care all in one!!


This exciting and action packed pre-congress day is designed to give participants a hands on experiential opportunity and understanding of all three activities. There will be three parallel workshops meaning that each participant will have the opportunity to experience each of them.   As such the day is restricted to 50 participants allowing a maximum of 12 people participate at any given time in each parallel workshop.


Who should attend?

This day is designed for those who wish to learn more about Equine Assisted Learning and Vaulting and also for those who are aware of the need for back care for the working equine and for those who are new to this field and curious about how it works.

All workshops allow for maximum involvement and are designed for you to gain plenty of experiential learning and lots of have fun!!



Have a look at the beautiful grounds of Festina Lente in this video



Booking Information:

Cost: €115 per person

Venue: Festina Lente Bray

Time: 9:00am – 5:15pm

Cost includes: Return transport to Festina Lente from the congress venue, 3 practical sessions, and catering breaks

This workshop is only available to registered delegates of the HETI 2018 Congress. You can book the workshop when registering for the congress on the online booking form (opening on 1st November).



Outline of sessions and tutor information

1. Equine Assisted Learning: Why and How it Works

Facilitated by Dr. Jill Carey and Siofra Hayes Moriarty

Session Focus:

This session starts with an overview of Equine Assisted Leaning (EAL)and presents some of the reasons how equines can contribute to EAL as an intervention aimed at promoting social and emotional well-being.  The session will then move to involving you in in a range of EAL activities in order to allow you experience how EAL can help us to learn more about ourselves.


Dr. Jill Carey has a PhD in how EAL promotes the social and wellbeing of young people affected by educational inequality.  She also delivers the Quality in Qualifications (QQI) Certificate in Equine Assisted Learning – Life and Workplace Coaching

Siofra Hayes Moriarty co-ordinates the EAL Programme at Festina Lente and co-delivers the Certificate in Equine Assisted Learning – Life and Workplace Coaching at Festina Lente.

She is currently studying for  a master’s degree and her thesis is exploring the impact of equine assisted learning on youth at risk

2. Introduction to Psychoeducational and Recreational Vaulting

Facilitated by Clodagh Carey, Meabh Corcoran, Kirstin O’Neill and Joey Magill

Session Focus: This session introduces participants to the benefits of vaulting for young people and teens with disabilities and /or those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The session starts with practical exercises on the barrel and gives an overview of the role of the barrel in vaulting. The session then progresses to the involvement of participants in a variety of vaulting exercises involving  perception, balance, physical co-ordination, easy to use exercises and lots of fun!…………..with each other and with the equines!


Clodagh Carey is a BHSI, holds a Diploma in Psychoeducational Vaulting and is a Level 2 British Equestrian Vaulting (BEV) Coach
Meabh Corcoran is s BHSAI and is a Level 2 BEV Vaulting Coach
Kirstin O’Neill is a Level 1 BEV Coach
Joey Magill is a Level 1 BEV Coach

3. Science Based and Practical Exercises to Maintain a Healthy Back for the Working Equine

Facilitated by Karyn Jamieson

Session Focus: This session will introduce you to basic physiology of the equine and in particular to the challenges faced by many equines who are in work.  The session will include a series of practical exercises which can be done by most people together with an opportunity to be involved in assessing the general back care of a number of equines who will be part of the workshops.  This is a must for anybody involved with equines in work and promises to give you a practical set of take away exercises you can practice to improve the quality of your horses’ back care and management.


Karyn is a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy and is dedicated to providing the best physiotherapy care that she can to humans and equine. Karyn provides Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for horses of any age, fitness or working discipline.