Lunchtime Sessions

We are thrilled  to be introduce two Lunchtime Sessions to the HETI 2018 Congress programme.

These sessions require pre-booking, there is no charge for these congress workshops and delegates are welcome to attend both.

Round Table Discussion on Education

Anne RokkaEducation Designer in Equine College Hevosopisto

Sanna Mattila-RautiainenPresident of HETI Federation

The “Round table discussion on education” was set up for the HETI international congress in Dublin after receiving several requests from HETI members. Two of the main topics put forward were:

1) Clarification of Terminology

2) Education in EAA/T

Since the area of EAA/T is expanding all the time it is essential we broaden our understanding of different National and International education programmes currently in place. For the basis of this round table discussion a survey was conducted and analyzed in order to generate topics for discussion. The primary aim of this round table discussion is to answer the questions put forward by the members and to help clarify the educational field with the aid of a Facilitator. Since terminology is tightly linked to education it may produce some common understanding in that area too.

Date: Wednesday, 27th June

Time: 13:30 – 14:30


Psychotherapy Interventions on the Equine Assisted Therapies

Marilyn SokolofUnbridled Therapy

Vera HorneNational Association of Equine Therapy (Brazil)

The session that we’ve been planning will be centred on finding out what are the different Psychotherapeutic approaches that are being used by Mental Health professionals on the Equine therapies field (if any).

We know that there are different academic attainments and qualifications among Psychologists all over the world and also that there are Psychiatrists already involved in the field of the Equine therapies, but there are no evidences to confirm if the Psychotherapeutic approach’s being used by these professionals and neither can we find information about the type of techniques and job or activities that they actually perform on the area of Equine Therapies.

We’ve sent a questionnaire through Monkey Survey to all members of HETI in order to find out what’s being done in this area and who is doing what. From the almost 60 answers that we’ve received we’re doing a poster to present the profile of Mental Health professionals working in the field and we’re also proposing a debate over the answers to the questionnaire.

Date: Friday, 29th June

Time: 13:00 – 14:00