Poster Presenter Guidelines


Presenting a poster is a great way to visually share your research work and expertise with a wide range of delegates who are interested to learn about what you have done and give you positive feedback. The guidelines below give you some tips to help you design and develop your poster and how to display it for presentation at HETI 2018.

Poster Session

Posters will be on display from Wednesday 27 June at 08:00 until Friday 29 June at 14:00.

Poster Presenters are required to stand by their poster during the coffee to share the details of their work with delegates and answer any questions. The times of the coffee breaks will be shown in the programme book and Congress App.

 Click here to find your poster board number.

Aims of poster presentation:

  • Present the details of your research work in visual format
  • Facilitate discussion of your findings with interested delegates
  • Share your own knowledge and expertise in the topic area
  • Receive feedback and suggestions for improvement and /or further research
  • Promote both your work and the organisation you represent

Poster Format:

  • A0 size in Portrait Orientation (0.84 x 1.19 m). Failure to follow this requirement will mean that the poster will not fit on the allotted board.
  • Posters must be printed on paper. Please do not print on fabric as they will not adhere to the boards.
  • Font size minimum of 18pt font size for text and larger for titles. Posters should be clear and easy to read. The font size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 metres away. Do not reduce the text size in order to fit more information onto one poster.
  • Consider the use of suitable photographs, images, tables, charts and graphs. Keep logos discrete and to a minimum.
  • The poster background should be plain to ensure legibility
  • Before sending to print do not forget to proof read the poster yourself, and ask someone else to do the same, checking also for clarity.

Some tips for designing your poster:

  • Use a structured format that is clear and well organised
  • Use simple and effective data display
  • Avoid small print – keep it big
  • Make it easy for the eye to follow
  • Use images and graphs appropriately
  • State the research question or aim
  • Describe the methodology & results clearly
  • The simple use of colour can enhance a poster,
    but avoid using too many colours that distract from the content
  • Take account of your audience
  • Include who you are / organisation and any acknowledgements

Putting up your Poster:

The poster area is located in Hall 3 of the main RDS Complex. To access the Congress use the Angelsea Road gate in Ballsbridge.

Access to Hall 3 to put up your poster will be from 08:00 on Wednesday 27th June and it must be removed on Friday 29th June by 14:00. The Congress organisers will not put up, remove or store your poster and take no responsibility for posters that are not removed by 14:00 on Friday 29th June. Posters left up after this time will be removed and recycled.

All posters will be allocated a unique number, which will be used to identify the location within the poster board area.

Click here to view poster numbers.

Please attend on time to find your numbered poster board and put up your poster.

The poster boards are made of soft blue cloth material and Velcro will be used to attach the poster to the board. The Velcro will be supplied by the Congress organisers and you will find it on your board when you arrive, if you need more you can ask at the registration desk.

It is not permissible to place your poster outside of the allotted area of your poster boards. Posters which infringe on the space of other poster boards will be removed. You are responsible for removing your poster by the allotted time. The congress organiser is not responsible for any posters left behind. After the congress they will be removed and recycled.

Abstract availability:

Your abstract will be available on the Congress App and the website.