An Introduction to Clicker Training to Ethically Work with and Train Equines

The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate how to start positive reinforcement training (through the use of clicker training) with horses

This workshop will demonstrate:

We will show:

  • Safety aspects necessary in introducing a horse to clicker training
  • Where to start
  • Types of feed to use and food delivery techniques
  • Foundation behaviours from which to develop excellence in practical handling and performance
  • Freeshaping a behaviour
  • Setting up for success. Using human ‘horses’ to practise good training techniques.

What is Clicker training? Simply put, the click is a marker signal that can capture a behaviour so, if you like what your animal is doing, you click and reinforce him.  This motivates your horse to repeat that behaviour and your horse becomes an enthusiastic partner.

Presented by

Mary Concannon, The Clicker Center

Mary Concannon is a Horse Sport Ireland coach and a Click-that-Teaches instructor.   Mary who came to horses later in life, spent a lot of time looking for a way of working with horses that recognised their intelligence and sensitivity and that was fun for all.

Having spent several years working with Natural Horsemanship methods, she met her match with a young thoroughbred with a huge buck and turned to Clicker Training for a solution. She has not looked back.

Mary brings 30-year experience as a teacher/lecturer to the clicker training world.  She holds a degree and Ph.D. in Science and understands and appreciates the science behind Clicker Training and the learning theory it enshrines.